Introducing the JLG Regulatory and Tax Tips

The Jacko Law Group legal team is thrilled to introduce our weekly JLG tips to help Investment Advisers, firms, broker-dealers and other practitioners in the finance and securities sectors with regular tips on important factors or changes in regulatory compliance and tax.

As one of the most dynamic yet heavily regulated professions in the economy, those in the investment advisory space must contend with frequent changes to regulatory requirements and avoid nuanced tax pitfalls during initial structuring or restructuring.

Jacko Law Group Managing Partner and CEO Michelle Jacko will share her expertise in securities regulatory compliance to alert those in the space to new regulations, provide guidance on compliance issues, and tips on how to establish and maintain a robust regulatory compliance program.

Michelle is excited for the opportunity to share her knowledge. With over 28 years of experience in providing securities regulatory compliance and corporate legal counsel to investment advisers, investment firms, broker-dealers, advisers to private funds and others, she is aware of the common pitfalls, and untapped opportunities in this profession.

Tax and Exit Planning attorney, Jeremiah Baba Pagano will be sharing Tax Tips to help those in the industry optimize tax advantages and avoid unnecessary tax burdens. Jeremiah is specialized in tax law and is a certified exit planning professional. With years of experience in regulatory compliance and corporate law as well,  he offers his clients a 360-degree approach to ensure the success of their business.

  • Concerned about Cybersecurity and AI compliance?
  • Wondering if you need to update your Advisory contacts?
  • Unsure of the tax implications in structuring your business, or if retirement accounts can be used in tax planning?

We hope our weekly JLG Tips will be a strong starting point to answering those questions and more.

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