Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

Strategic planning should begin years before the event, whether you’re planning for mergers and acquisitions, a succession, or entity formation. Jacko Law Group, PC has decades of experience in mergers and acquisitions law, and specially designed expertise to ensure that you navigate changes with confidence and success, when consolidating businesses.



From Strategy to Execution

Let the attorneys at Jacko Law Group assist you with your mergers and acquisition needs, using their decades of experience in financial corporate law, and in-depth analysis to provide effective and individualized solutions for your M&A needs.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Determining the material terms, like, has an NDA been executed? Is a letter of intent or term sheet needed? Has there been a meeting of the minds?
  • Determining purchase agreement terms, like look-back provisions and promissory note provisions
  • Counsel regarding business transition considerations, including employment and vendor arrangements

Succession Planning

Succession Planning

  • Identifying YOUR succession plan – which route/method? Merger & Acquisition? Successor? Selling your business?
  • Investigating proper due diligence
  • Finding the best avenue for retirement and addressing “what if” scenarios or untimely events

Business Entity Formation

Business Entity Formation

  • Determining cost & expense
  • Defining the appropriate time frame and strategy
  • Developing ownership & management structures
  • Developing and establishing employment and independent contractor agreements
  • Establishing and protecting your intellectual property

JLG's Regulatory Compliance and Corporate Law Podcast

“With the complexity in our business and ongoing regulatory transformation, Jacko Law Group has been the one constant for our firm. They have been our compliance and securities attorneys for many years and have consistently provided sound advice to keep us one step ahead in the ever-changing securities industry. We know that having great partners is a key to success, and Jacko Law Group has proven time and time again to be one of those partners!”

Dean Zayed
Brookstone Capital Management LLC

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