2024 Regulatory Considerations for Internet-based Investment Advisers

Would an adviser have to register in every single state in which they serve clients? In 2002, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) responded to that issue by establishing the Internet Adviser Exemption Rule. On March 27, 2024, the SEC issued an amendment to the internet adviser rule to meet the advancements and saturation of technologies and to outline what it meant to offer investment advisory services online in today’s market. Another reason for amending the exemption was the concerning number of firms that were not meeting their compliance requirements.… Read More

SEC Private Fund Rules Overturned

On June 5, 2024, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals overturned the SEC’s New Private Fund Rules introduced in August 2023 (the “Private Fund Rules”). Given that the Private Fund Rules imposed several limitations and prohibitions that ran counter to the fundamental principles of a private fund, this was a significant victory for private fund advisers.… Read More

Concerns Over Compliance Responsibilities Cause Pause for Broker-Dealers Considering Independence

Broker-dealers seeking to transition to the independent business model – either as a hybrid (where they would remain associated with a broker-dealer) or fully independent (at an RIA-only firm) hesitate due to several key considerations.… Read More

SEC Rules on Deck for 2024

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) ended 2023 with a bang, with over 780 enforcement actions and nearly $5 billion in financial remedies. With 25 new SEC rules scheduled to pass this spring and fall, those in the investment advisory space are well-advised to approach 2024 with a renewed commitment to optimizing their compliance program.… Read More

Introducing the JLG Regulatory and Tax Tips

The Jacko Law Group legal team are thrilled to introduce our weekly JLG tips to help Investment Advisers, firms, broker-dealers and other practitioners in the finance and securities sectors with regular tips on important factors or changes in regulatory compliance and tax.

As one of the most dynamic yet heavily regulated professions in the economy, those in the investment advisory space must contend with frequent changes to regulatory requirements and avoid nuanced tax pitfalls during initial structuring or restructuring.… Read More

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