Strategic Transition Planning

Transitioning from one business model to another is always challenging. There are many complex regulatory and legal considerations that must be taken into account. The situation can become even more complicated if you are transitioning from a captive firm.

JLG provides the legal guidance, services, and support that securities and financial industry professionals need to successfully transition to a new business.

Whether you are venturing off on your own, moving from one firm to another, or changing your company’s business model, a series of intricate steps will be involved. JLG's professional team provides strategic counsel on corporate and regulatory considerations for meeting your immediate, midrange, and long-term business objectives.

How We Can Help

Some of the specific areas that JLG can address for clients transitioning or breaking away to a new business include:

    • Counsel for any path, such as:
      • Advisers breaking away
      • Firms and Advisers joining, merging with or acquiring a new firm or business assets (asset purchases)
      • Advisers establishing their own business
      • Advisers selling a practice/succession planning 
    • Corporate structure & governance
    • Registration as an investment adviser or broker-dealer
    • Regulatory filings required for the business
    • Employment transitions & licensing
    • Development & review of business plans
    • Entity for business formation (LLC, Corporations, etc.)
    • FINRA & SEC regulatory compliance considerations
    • Review & analysis of current employment contracts and agreements
    • Guidance on marketing to former clients & safeguarding proprietary information
    • Analysis of private fund & family office exemptions
    • Creation of client documents (including new account forms, investment policy statements, client agreements & financial planning contracts)
    • Development of policies & procedures (including internal controls) for new independent practice
    • Drafting of client disclosure documents (Form ADV, offering memorandum, marketing piece disclosures, client performance reports, etc.)
    • Necessary testing for the compliance program
    • Counsel on state & federal securities laws, rules, regulations & requirements
    • Transition steps for moving client accounts to the new entity

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