Private Funds & Consulting Services 

If you are looking to set up a pooled investment vehicle, you must consider many variables and using the proper attorney. Variables include how the private fund will be managed and by whom, details about the underlying investment or investment company and associated risks, suitability requirements for initial investors and what the minimum investment requirements are for this opportunity. While private funds do offer unique opportunities for the securities industry, they also present many regulatory challenges that require help of experienced securities lawyers.

In addition to guiding you through the process of forming and maintaining a private equity, hedge or other private fund, Jacko Law Group of Southern California provides comprehensive legal services to the general partner, manager, investors and service providers to these private funds. From the formation stage onward, our attorneys and professionals can advise you on the promotion of your private funds, including the latest regulatory guidance that will impact the fund and its operations. We offer private fund advisory and consulting services, regulatory compliance program tips, risk mitigation strategies and more.

Adviser to Private Fund Requirements

Depending upon the jurisdictional requirements (generally speaking), if they qualify for an exemption, advisers to funds can file as an Exempt Reporting Adviser (ERA) or register as an investment adviser. Let our attorneys advise you on these regulations and how they may impact your fund.

Legal Risk Management Tips


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Private Fund Services

  • Completing corporate formations in Delaware, California and elsewhere
  • Completing private fund registrations with the SEC, state, or as an Exempt Reporting Adviser (ERA)
  • Registering with the NFA as a Commodity Trading Adviser/Commodity Pool Operator
  • Providing counsel regarding seed capital
  • Offering guidance on contingencies for important events: future valuation, put/call provisions, death, disability, withdrawal, or termination of a principal
  • Discussing important regulatory compliance considerations for the firm’s private fund infrastructure and compliance program

Recieve Legal Guidance for Private Funds