Cryptocurrencies and other digital assets have gained greater market acceptance in recent years as investment vehicles and as critical parts of the blockchain platform. The market for cryptocurrencies is in a state of constant evolution as new laws and regulations are being developed and interpreted. Jacko Law Group, PC (“JLG”) leverages our attorneys’ diverse experience to advise you on cryptocurrency-related matters such as fund formation, investment strategy, financial regulation and registration, and securities compliance. 

We provide advice on blockchain and digital assets in the following areas:

    • Corporate structuring
    • Fund formation
    • Intellectual property protection strategies
    • Intellectual property licensing
    • Mergers & acquisitions
    • Venture capital financings
    • Token generation events (both STO & ICO)
    • Federal and state securities compliance

JLG assists professionals throughout the United States, providing a full range of ongoing legal advice and support.

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