Jacko Law Group, PC (“JLG”) helps California employers to minimize risks relating to a company’s biggest asset: its employees. Our lawyers assist employers in understanding the intricacies of federal and state laws governing employee contracts, and provide counsel for related employment matters. From customized employment manuals to employer best practices, JLG’s employment counsel helps to limit your exposure to risk.

Our labor and employment lawyers routinely perform workplace audits and compliance reviews, create handbooks and operations manuals, conduct training sessions, and provide legal services in the following areas:

    • Employment agreements & offer letters
    • Employee investigations
    • Separation agreements
    • Employee termination
    • Independent contractor guidance
    • Wage & hour claims
    • Employee handbook drafting & review
    • Harassment & discrimination claims
    • Classification of employees
    • Labor code compliance
    • Representation at EDD audits & hearings
    • Executive compensation plans
    • Wrongful termination
    • Whistleblower

Should an employment matter escalate, the team at JLG will be on your side to assist you with your adversarial needs, including contract or employment disputes, wage and hour claims, labor code violations, or wrongful termination allegations. We are standing by to assist employers during every phase, such as court proceedings, administrative hearings, mediation, or arbitration.

Employment Law & Labor-Related Services

Client Contracts, Independent Contractor & Employee Agreements & Other Documents

We help you effectively manage all types of corporate agreements, contracts, and other necessary forms of documentation.

Termination & Form U5 Counsel

We provide experienced regulatory counsel familiar with the rules that apply to reporting firms for Form U5 matters.

Need counsel on labor and employment law?