What to Know For Your Business Transition

Whether it’s transitioning or breaking away, things like  legal risks, business factors, and  regulatory concerns  must be handled with care. And Jacko Law Group’s experienced team can help.

Legal counsel is imperative for an advisor moving from one firm to another.

Jacko Law Group can help by assessing the hurdles you may face, such as form U-5 disclosures, non-compete and non- solicitation restrictions as well as trade secret provisions found in existing agreements, which will influence the steps taken both pre- and post-transition.


If you’re starting your own business, you need a plan and a strategic vision.  Jacko Law Group’s team will guide you every step of the way. We will work with you to form the appropriate business entity, draft all contracts and create a compliance program customized to your business.

If merging or acquiring a business, let the experienced team at Jacko Law Group help by drafting letters of intent, negotiating terms, performing due diligence and drafting asset purchase agreements and succession plan contracts.

Change can be challenging; but it does not have to be.  Let Jacko Law Group help navigate the complex laws and regulations that apply to your transition. Call or email them at jackolg.com.

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