Update in Biozoom Case — Alleged Scheme Netted $34 Million in Illicit Profits

In an update to a case over alleged fraud involving the firm Biozoom that we reported on last year, the SEC last month charged 4 individuals with generating over $34 million in illicit profit by engaging in a series of fraudulent schemes to boost the price of Biozoom, which was subsequently sold off in an allegedly illegal sale.

Though there are many ins and outs to this case, if true, it’s a fairly egregious example of fraud that doesn’t happen every day. According to the SEC, not only did the defendants allegedly hide their ownership of Biozoom (and the subsequent sales thereof), but they allegedly did so through an impressive range of techniques, utilizing, among other things, offshore bank accounts, fake legal documents, and a network of nominees.

Though the investigation is ongoing, if true, this represents a large-scale conspiracy to defraud investors, as not only were the above sophisticated techniques employed, but the defendants allegedly doubled-down on their activities by investing in a significantly wide advertising campaign designed to artificially boost the price of Biozoom far beyond the point it had already reached through the above activities.

Cases Like This Underscore the Need for Compliance

Though the burden of maintaining compliance can be onerous, the reality is that we live in a new regulatory era, an era of intense scrutiny and transparency that is unlikely to change or let up any time soon.

In such an environment, even small violations can be dealt with severely. The case above is obviously different and represents the extreme of the spectrum, but even small violations of regulations can lead to enforcement for firms that aren’t paying close attention to compliance.

Additionally, regulators have tools at their disposal that they’ve never had before this modern era of technology and oversight, allowing them to analyze larger amounts of data in short timeframes to identify outliers and potential violators. There’s just not a lot of room for error these days. While overt fraudulent activity, like the alleged crimes involving Biozoom, are rare, it’s critical that compliance is attended to rigorously to avoid potential issues.

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