Proactive Risk Mitigation

Given the current regulatory landscape, good intentions just aren’t good enough. Companies need to be actively protecting themselves and their personnel from liability.

Good risk management goes a long way toward achieving this. All companies experience risk. It’s one of those things we can’t avoid. Good risk management isn’t about eliminating risk, rather, it’s about understanding it, and addressing it proactively.

As a strategic advisor, Jacko Law Group helps our clients in performing good risk management. Our process focuses on identifying those risks inherent to the services and personnel of a firm.

The next step involves mitigating those risks by performing such tasks as drafting Policies and Procedures, properly documenting firm activities, and most importantly, communicating risks to clients, employees, and if need be, regulators.

Finally, we assist in monitoring those risks on an ongoing basis, while accounting for potential new risks the firm and its personnel may face. Please contact us for more information on how we may be able to assist you in protecting you and your company from liabilities.

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