New Filing Requirement for Commodity Trading Advisors

The National Futures Association (“NFA”) announced its new quarterly filing requirement for commodity trading advisors (“CTAs”). The form is called NFA Form PR, and it requires CTAs to report to the NFA such information as general contact information, trading programs and information regarding pool assets directed by the CTA.Since the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (“CFTC”) adopted Regulation 4.27 in 2012, CTAs have been required to file a Form PR annually following the end of each calendar year, but just recently the new NFA Form PR replaced the previous CTA-PR form.  The information contained within the new Form PR includes the previous CFTC annual Form PR, along with some additional questions relating to certain trading programs being offered by the CTA, and the related monthly rates of return and the assets under management for those trading programs. This new filing requirement will become effective at the end of this calendar quarter, September 30, 2013.  At that time, all CTAs (regardless of whether they are currently active) that are registered with the CFTC and members of the NFA will be required to file the new Form PR by November 14, 2013.  The new Form PR will need to be submitted through the NFA’s EasyFileSystem.   You can read more about the NFA’s notice, here.For further information on this, or other related topics, please contact us at or (619)298-2880.

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