Leveraging Your Outsourced Corporate Counsel

Leveraging Your Outsourced Corporate Counsel

There never is a “wrong” time to hire outsourced corporate counsel, as every firm’s needs, strategy, and growth model is different. 

Businesses, firms, and leaders can leverage outsourced corporate counsel to handle general counsel matters, provide business strategy, customized legal services and deliver solutions. Whether a company is in the early stages of a start-up business plan or whether an organization is experiencing significant growth, our Jacko Law Group (“JLG”) has the necessary in-house experience to serve as a trusted legal partner to established organizations. 

Outside general counsel can become an invaluable resource that you can lean on when uncertainty arises, regardless of timing and the size of your business. 

Ongoing market volatility has created the need for conservative budgets and control of current expenses. Whenever a company does not have sufficient resources to handle the legal function internally, it is prudent to seek to partner with experienced outsourced corporate counsel. 

Below we discuss common reasons and scenarios on when to leverage outsourced corporate counsel in today’s market.

Budgetary Concerns

Outsourced counsel can navigate legal matters on a project basis or assume larger legal functions from the outside. Through collaboration and by establishing a cadence of regular status-update meetings, counsel can assist in developing a strategy that addresses short- and long-term legal needs. 

We serve as outsourced corporate counsel to our clients and companies. We handle general corporate and business matters to provide customized services across a broad range of projects. We provide value by assisting you in strategic growth to achieve growth and help manage expenses.

To do so, it is important for counsel to review and learn about your business to grasp the big picture and identify potential challenges and opportunities. Oftentimes we see general counsel consumed with the details of project-based work, such as reviewing complex contract language, rather than focused on the big picture assessment – like identifying vulnerable areas of risk and serving as a trusted adviser who can provide cost-effective legal solutions and growth strategy.

When considering the cost required to hire and support a full-time in-house counsel or general counsel position, contracting outsourced general counsel adds value and saves overhead by providing specialized legal services on an hourly rate or as needed basis for typically a fraction of the cost. 

This is an important consideration if you are facing budget constraints, or you do not anticipate enough work to keep a full-time attorney busy. With budget-friendly outsourced general counsel and a customized legal project plan, we provide our clients customized services that you need to run a successful business when you need it. Companies come to us for customized counsel, we provide specialized services and our clients pay for exactly what you get.

When You Need Timely Legal Advice

If your company is faced with a complex legal matter or strategic business decision, outside general counsel can and will work diligently on your behalf to achieve the best possible outcome. Unique legal challenges are best handled by experienced outside counsel with specialized knowledge. We streamline the legal process whenever possible.

Our clients and companies often come to JLG with legal questions in general and benefit with a trusted, experienced legal partner on retainer who they can contact, as needed. Outside general counsel is like having your own experienced counsel on call who can diagnose your situation and implement a sage legal solution especially when problems arise.

When your Team Needs Support Experience and Flexibility

Outsourced general counsel and in-house teams often work together. As an extension of your team, we handle legal, contract, or transactional matters while in-house concentrates on more pressing internal business needs.

Many firms require the help of outside general counsel when moving into new markets with different laws and regulations. Our specialized knowledge and experience can help our clients and their firms to avoid legal missteps or mitigate risk. A frequently overlooked benefit of outside general counsel is access to other professionals and experts in our network. 

Outside general counsel brings specific insight and experience, and through collaboration with your in-house team, counsel can apply our professional knowledge and expertise while learning about your business to establish more effective business relationships and partner with your management team.  

Since businesses are in a constant state of evolution and growth, we see clients benefit from our team’s ability to offer customized legal services that can address their specific needs in an efficient, strategic manner.

When You Need a Valued and Trusted Partner

Regardless of the size of an organization, companies often face unexpected legal challenges that require outside assistance and professional guidance. Few business developments cause greater concern than trying to deal with rules and regulations outside your scope of reference.

Our team at JLG believes in fostering trust and building partnerships with clients. We seek to add value to your business through our extensive knowledge and unique legal experience. We understand the legal problems you face and strive to help our clients to avoid challenges altogether. Our clients know that they can count on us as a trusted partner. To schedule a consultation, contact us today at (619) 298-2880 or online at www.jackolg.com. 

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