JLG’s Latest Practice: Labor & Employment Counsel

Running your company or firm probably takes all the time and energy you have- and then some.

That’s why it’s important to have a skilled labor and employment team in your corner, protecting your interests, whenever you need sound legal advice.

A team like Jacko Law Group.

Jacko law group provides a variety of critical services like:

  • Drafting contracts;
  • Developing employee handbooks;
  • Assisting with employee classification; and
  • Advising on executive compensation plans

But it doesn’t stop there. When an employment situation turns adversarial, Jacko Law Group will be by your side, fighting for your interests.

If you are facing:

  • A contract or some other type of employment dispute;
  • A wage and hour claim;
  • A charge of labor code violation; or
  • Wrongful termination allegations

Jacko Law Group will be ready to defend you whether it’s a court proceeding, administrative hearing, mediation or arbitration.

You can count on the Jacko Law Group to make your case and resolve your complex labor and employment litigation matters.

Call them today or visit jackolawgroup.com.       

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