NSCP Webinar | Forward Thinking: Senior Investor Protections, Regulatory Considerations and Best Practices

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Senior investors represent a high percentage of most firms’ assets under management. This group of investors has special considerations – from saving for retirement, the onset of potential health issues (such as dementia) and potential abuse from others (in the form of financial exploitation from relatives, cybercriminals and fraudsters). What steps are your firms taking to protect this investor group, and is it enough?

Speaking on this subject area, in partnership with NSCP, are two industry veterans:

  • Michelle L. Jacko (CEO of Core Compliance & Legal Services and Managing Partner, Jacko Law Group, PC and two-time NSCP Board Member)
  •  Robert Hille (CCO/General Counsel of Laird Norton Wealth Management) will specifically address some of the industry’s most pressing questions regarding senior and vulnerable investor protections.

    Attendees of the webinar will learn:

1. SEC expectations for protecting seniors
2. New senior investor scams seen during the COVID-19 period
3. How to build a compliance program to protect best practices and regulatory considerations/responses, specifically for senior investors
4. Why the Senior Safe Act should be considered for implementation
5. Best practices for identifying and responding to senior exploitation

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