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Succession Planning


Preparing your firm for what lies ahead, and the future is an integral tool when navigating the financial industry. Succession Planning is an integrated and systematic approach to identifying, developing and retaining key components of your firm’s continued corporate growth.  Questions often asked as part of the Succession Planning process include:

  • How can I identify a successor?
  • Will the successor be taking over the RIA itself, or just its assets?
  • Who is going to do the work?
  • Procedurally, what has to be done?
  • Specifically, what has to be done?
  • What is my company worth and how should it be valued?

The team at the Jacko Law Group will assist clients by steering their business into the future, we can:

  • Review current business/corporate structure of the firm
  • Identify Target successor (Internal vs. External)
  • Review, navigate and direct how the transition is going to occur, and the coverage needed for either a short term or long term or both
  • Negotiate and facilitate the buyout, Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP) and/or Key Person Insurance (assuming permanence)
  • Draft Succession Plans and contracts as needed
  • Memorialize the comprehension of Succession Plan itself to your firm

Jacko Law Group assists financial professional throughout the United States regarding succession planning, providing a full range of ongoing legal advice and support. For more information or to speak with a securities attorney, call our law office directly at 619.298.2880 or contact us online.



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