Support for Successful Business Growth

At times it just makes sense for teams to merge—whether to expand services, grow assets, or diversify opportunities. Jacko Law Group, PC (“JLG”) assists firms in helping them achieve successful mergers and acquisitions (M&A) by:

    • Drafting letters of intent
    • Negotiating terms of the deal
    • Evaluating operational systems for M&A complexities that may occur during the transition
    • Conducting or assisting with due diligence of the other party
    • Authoring notification communications to clients
    • Amending Forms ADV, Investment Advisory Agreements and other documents (such as corporate records) necessary to complete the merger
    • Drafting deal documents
    • Providing counsel on various regulatory considerations of the M&A

Valuation Counsel

The succession planning process is often two things—intricate and highly personal. The team at JLG knows that no firm or business is the same, thus there is no one-size-fits-all approach that can be taken. To ensure that a succession plan takes the right approach demands not only a methodical, logical, and rational approach, but also a personal, strategic touch.

At JLG, we believe that an appropriate succession/exit plan is integral to the continued success of any firm, because it serves as a comprehensive guide for firms to navigate in uncharted waters. In a nutshell, succession plans ask and answer all the pivotal questions—business, personal, financial, legal and tax-related—for the organization firm. We break down succession planning in four stages:

Objectives & Internal Review

Valuation Analysis

Strategies & Plans


Once you have determined your succession/exit goals and objectives a valuation of your firm should be conducted. This will give you a feel for the value of your practice.

Valuation Analysis

At JLG, we see valuation as one of the cornerstones of the succession planning process. It is essential to know what your firm is worth, but it is also nearly impossible to make informed succession decisions without a grasp on its value.

Valuation services may be deemed necessary at any point in your firm’s growth and expansion. During the valuation process, the JLG team is available to interpret and to provide guidance and legal counsel. We are well-versed in the valuation process and understand how important the reliable valuation of assets is in the financial industry.

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