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Jacko Law Group, PC has years of mergers and acquisitions legal expertise to ensure that you can achieve significant changes when growing, consolidating, or expanding your business with confidence and success. Our experienced Merger and Acquisition (M&A) lawyers serve as outsourced counsel by providing strategic guidance from entity formation through consolidating a business and transition. We provide personalized solutions and strive to accelerate compliant outcomes.


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    A San Diego Mergers and Acquisitions Firm You Can Rely On

    At Jacko Law Group, PC (“JLG”), we have offered reliable and experienced legal counsel to San Diego companies for over twenty years. We are committed to providing trusted representation to every client looking to purchase, sell or merge with another business entity.

    Our San Diego Mergers and Acquisitions team can help your company make informed decisions about your next M&A deal, Due Diligence, Purchase Agreement Terms, Promissory note provisions, Business Transition, Employment and Vendor Arrangements, Successful Plan, Business Entity Formation, Ownership and Management Structure, Employment and Independent Contractor Agreements, Intellectual Property and much more.

    Leading the way in Mergers and Acquisitions law and strategy in San Diego, California, JLG provides an unparalleled client experience and specialized counsel designed to protect your interests, support your Mergers and Acquisitions plan, and streamline your mergers and acquisitions process by maximizing value and minimizing your risks.

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      The San Diego Mergers and Acquisitions
      Experience You Need!

      Business Succession Planning

      Our succession planning lawyers provide comprehensive legal services to strategically develop and maintain succession plans that ensure appropriate exit planning and tax considerations for owners and surviving business.

      Employee Agreements

      The financial industry has unique considerations for independent contractors and employment agreements. We help you to customize your representatives’ agreement in accordance with regulatory standards and considerations.

      Purchase Agreement Terms

      Experienced legal counsel can protect businesses in asset purchase agreements – from drafting of term sheets to negotiating terms, drafting restrictive covenants, dispute resolution and taking steps to ensure the purchase agreement protects the clients’ interests.

      Expert Due Diligence

      Our lawyers perform expert due diligence, which provides important information that helps our clients understand the values and assets, as well as the risks and potential liabilities of the M&A deal.

      Acquisitions and Management Buy-Outs

      We assist with all aspects of acquisitions and management buy-outs including thorough due diligence, review and drafting of documents, and strategic counsel related to the transaction to ensure it is structured to provide the best advantages in tax benefits and mitigation of business risks.

      Business Entity Formation

      Forming a new business entity in an M&A deal involves several important steps. Jacko Law Group helps clients by determining the cost and expense, developing ownership and management structures, establishing and protecting intellectual property, and more.

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        Merger and Acquisition (M&A) San Diego Attorneys: How to Choose the Right Lawyer for the Sale of Your Business

        Choosing the right Mergers and Acquisition (M&A) attorney or firm in San Diego for your merger and acquisition deal may very well be the most important decision you make that will impact your upcoming transaction.

        There are a variety of factors to consider when evaluating different law firms to handle your M&A transaction. Some important considerations include experience, resources, reputation, and cost.

        Jacko Law Group has a proven track record of guiding hundreds of clients and companies through various steps of the merger and/or acquisition process. Our vision is to help clients navigate the complex Merger and Acquisition (M&A) process with precision, passion, and integrity. Our primary objective is to protect your interests while meeting business objectives and creating  long-term value.

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        San Diego Mergers and Acquisition (M&A) Attorneys

        Mergers and acquisitions are two transition options that allow businesses to grow in value, eliminate competition, increase market share, create supply chain advantages, and capitalize on economies of scale.

        A merger brings two companies together, and one company ceases to exist after the completion of the transaction. In an acquisition, one company purchases a majority or complete stake in another company.

        Our San Diego M&A attorneys serve as outside counsel to represent our clients, both buyers and sellers in M&A transactions. Since 2007, Jacko Law Group has partnered with businesses to provide legal guidance and the resources to successfully navigate some of the most complex business transactions and transitions.

        Jacko Law Group’s Client-Centered Approach to Mergers and Acquisitions for Our San Diego Clients

        Strategic planning should begin years before a transition, whether you are planning for a merger or an acquisition and/or need a certified exit planner. The best legal counsel and team of M&A attorneys will have decades of corporate law experience servicing various industries. Our JLG Legal Team and M&A attorneys leverage years of expertise to counsel and guide our clients through significant changes,, especially when consolidating businesses.

        At Jacko Law Group, our San Diego M&A attorneys are committed to building relationships that foster trust with our clients. We serve as a trusted strategic business partner and provide a business-forward focus paying specialized attention to every M&A deal or transaction. Our JLG Team's comprehensive relationship-based approach is built on the foundation of listening to the specific business needs of our client and creating a customized strategic plan for success to address unique business objectives and accomplish the preferred deal structure.

        When building the business strategy, our JLG Team and San Diego M&A Attorneys consider all factors of the business and industry, as well as possible future impacts. Through a multiphase approach to our M&A practices, our JLG Legal Team is collaborative, cost-effective, and strategic in partnering with clients at every stage.

        We operate as an extension of our client’s business and outsourced legal team that communicates with our clients to keep all business partners abreast of any updates, impacts, or discrepancies with the transaction. Our experienced San Diego M&A attorneys are constant advocates for our clients; their trust in our team is invaluable.

        Choosing a San Diego M&A Attorney For a Highly Regulated Industry

        In highly regulated industries, deliberate partnership with specialized legal counsel, including M&A Attorneys in San Diego, provides specialized industry knowledge to gain efficiencies and identify solutions for each specific M&A transaction. When you work with our San Diego M&A Attorneys and JLG Team – a firm of regulatory professionals and compliance specialists – you will receive comprehensive legal services, personalized attention, responsiveness, legal advice, and agreements custom-tailored to meet your unique business needs.

        At Jacko Law Group, our San Diego M&A Attorneys have successfully supported various private and public companies, and we continue to lead clients to achieve best results and exceed business goals.

        With decades of combined experience partnering as outsourced Corporate Counsel and SEC Regulatory Counsel in the highly regulated financial industry, our JLG Team of professionals delivers excellence and strives to achieve best results for all our clients.

        Recognized as industry thought leaders and leveraging institutional expertise of our Managing Partner, our San Diego M&A Attorneys collaborate with industry-leading companies to keep up with regulatory changes as they occur.

        What Happens After An M&A Deal is Closed

        After you plan and execute a transition, it is important to consider the legal issues that can be triggered with ownership change. For example, changes may be required to business filings, corporate records, and contractual relationships, such as a company’s operating agreement. In highly regulated industries, it is just as important to engage counsel to structure the transaction as it is to maintain that relationship with counsel after an M&A deal closes to ensure legal compliance and proper transition of assets and liabilities.

        At Jacko Law Group, our M&A Attorneys, Corporate Counsel, and Regulatory Counsel, assist businesses, clients and firms during transitions and with exit planning - from structuring M&A transactions to succession planning. When a deal closes, a company is acquired or merges, management must be transitioned and operations integrated between the two companies.

        Whether you are planning a Merger or Acquisition, performing due diligence, or just need our specialized legal services during a transition, please contact our JLG Team today at (619) 298-2880 to schedule an initial consultation and speak to one of our attorneys.

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