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At Jacko Law Group, the success of your San Diego-based business is our top priority. We are committed to understanding your business needs, providing personalized solutions, and helping you navigate potential legal issues.

Whether you are starting a new business, making an important business decision, facing a legal dispute, or looking to protect your intellectual property - you have come to the right place. Our business lawyers are valued partners who provide strategic counsel and are committed to accelerating outcomes.


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    Business Attorney Services for
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    Corporate Governance

    Maintain accurate corporate records and oversee corporate governance. Operate legally, ethically, and in compliance with local laws and regulations.

    Independent Contractor & Employee Agreements

    Draft appropriate employee agreements based on your specific employer needs considering the specific classification of your employees and business team. Provide outsourced legal support from employment contract terms to independent contractor agreements, our business attorneys ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Protect your business interests in disputes and negotiations.

    Contract Review

    Proactively identify potential risks and effectively manage your business operations. We prepare, analyze, and help maintain your contracts. Review legal documents for compliance with applicable law and current regulatory requirements to ensure your contracts are legally binding and enforceable.

    Employment Termination Counseling

    Prepare draft severance and/or termination agreements to protect your company from potential lawsuits. Offer legal advice and related employment law counsel during employment termination. Provide legal documentation needed and help represent your company in employment disputes.

    Registered Representative /Investment Advisory Representative Contracts

    Understand federal and state laws governing representative contracts. We provide counsel for related representative matters and consider trade secret, non-compete, and non-solicitation agreements.

    Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

    Whether you're looking to buy or sell your business, Jacko Law Group has decades of Mergers and Acquisitions experience to ensure that you can consolidate businesses with confidence, In-depth analysis and personalized solutions.

    Business Lawyers in San Diego You Can Rely On

    At Jacko Law Group, we understand the importance of having a reliable legal team fully committed to helping you navigate the complexities of running your business efficiently. San Diego businesses hire our experienced attorneys to get help with contract review, compliance, and dispute resolution. Since 2007, we have been helping hundreds of businesses in the San Diego area navigate the legal landscape, avoid costly mistakes, and protect their assets and intellectual property.

    No matter the size of your business, we can protect your legal interest, help you avoid costly legal mistakes, or advise you on employment and labor laws.

    Leading the way in San Diego by providing specialized legal services to businesses, individuals, and firms in the financial industry and across various industries, Jacko Law Group provides high-quality legal services and unparalleled client servicing specifically designed to protect your business interests. From reviewing and drafting contracts, representing your company in legal disputes, and providing training to employees on legal matters, our JLG Team has done it all.

    Leveraging years of combined legal experience and industry insight in handling complex transactional matters, our San Diego attorneys provide strategic advice and legal counsel tailored to your business needs.

    We Strive to Be the Best Business Lawyers in San Diego - and Appreciate the Recognition!

    A San Diego Mergers and Acquisitions Firm You Can Rely On

    At Jacko Law Group, our JLG Legal Team of professionals has provided reliable and experienced legal counsel to San Diego Companies since 2007. We are committed to providing trusted representation to every client looking to purchase, sell or merge with another business.

    Our experienced team of legal professionals and San Diego Mergers & Acquisition attorneys can help your company when making informed business decisions about your next M&A transaction and we can provide guidance in various aspects of the deal, including Due Diligence, Asset Purchase Agreement terms, and Promissory Note provisions. We provide additional services related to employment and vendor contracts, transition and succession planning, business entity formation, independent contractor agreements, intellectual property matters, and more.

    Leading the way in San Diego through Mergers and Acquisitions services and serving as strategic counsel, Jacko Law Group provides an unparalleled client servicing experience and specialized legal knowledge to protect your business interests and streamline your M&A transaction process to maximize value and minimize risk.

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      Business Lawyers in San Diego:
      How To Choose The Right Partner

      Great business lawyers in San Diego will act like true partners to your business, whether they help you by drafting contract agreements, dealing with employee issues, or representing your company in legal disputes.

      Generally, business lawyers in San Diego assist with various legal matters related to starting, managing, and growing a business. In addition, having a business lawyer on retainer is a great idea because they advise you if you’re considering making major legal decisions or taking actions that may have legal consequences.

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      Business Lawyers in San Diego.
      Advocate. Empower. Accelerate Results.

      Whether it is your dream to become a successful entrepreneur, to start a new business, or to grow your existing business, it is important to have a solid business plan and leverage the support of an experienced business lawyer.

      Business attorneys provide legal advice and support, including entity formation, compliance, legal document preparation and review, and strategic business counsel. We advocate for our clients and help them build, grow, manage, maintain, and protect their business.

      At Jacko Law Group, we are committed to empowering clients to achieve their business goals and vision. Our Business Attorneys in San Diego partner with business owners and entrepreneurs to identify business and legal needs. Our JLG Team of professionals provide exceptional legal servicing and strategic business meet and exceed business goals.

      As deliberate business partners, our Business Attorneys in San Diego advocate for the best interest of our clients to accelerate results for you and your business. We help business owners and entrepreneurs grow and manage your business by providing a client-centered approach through collaboration and values-driven leadership.

      Business Entity Formation

      Our Business Attorneys in San Diego provide legal support, starting with business entity formation and choosing the right structure. When working with legal counsel, key considerations to determine what legal entity to form include management, ease of formation, tax implications, liability and risk, transferability, and the ability to raise funds.

      Contract Review and Legal Document Preparation

      Regardless of firm or industry, leveraging experienced Business Attorneys in San Diego for contract review and legal document preparation is critical to accomplishing business objectives and establishing effective business operations while complying with applicable law.

      Business owners and entrepreneurs partner with outside legal counsel to carefully draft and prepare necessary agreements that benefit the business and protect the client’s assets. The right business lawyer will help manage and/or mitigate risks and can provide ongoing strategic business guidance towards new business owners, established and growing companies.

      At Jacko Law Group, our Business Attorneys in San Diego serve as a strategic business partner and an extension of your legal team when drafting or negotiating agreements, legal document preparation, and/or reviewing term sheets.

      From managing and operating agreements to third-party service provider contracts and navigating Merger and Acquisition transactions – working with our experienced JLG Team of business and corporate lawyers will provide the necessary legal protection and support to operate a successful business.

      Why Do Companies Hire Business Lawyers in San Diego?

      As businesses evolve and grow, and with ever changing markets, companies hire business lawyers in San Diego to navigate change especially when facing uncertainties such as a legal issue or concern.

      Many business owners and entrepreneurs want to grow their business, but in the thirst to get to the next level – it is easy to lose sight of the necessary steps to accomplish business goals.

      Our JLG Team of business lawyers in San Diego comprises strategic counsel and dedicated attorneys who align our client servicing to the specific needs of the companies we serve. Regarding strategic growth, the right business attorney will listen to understand and provide the best strategy and solutions to address your business and legal needs.

      We want to set your firm up for sustainable growth and success.

      Choosing a business entity

      There are several types of legal entity structures available to entrepreneurs when starting a business – the most common types include being a sole proprietorship, limited liability company (“LLC”) or a Corporation. New business owners must be aware of certain considerations, such as liability protection, tax implications, record-keeping, and capital raising opportunities. Other factors to consider that may require legal guidance such as Intellectual Property considerations, marketing strategy, and how to protect the business and assets best.

      Drafting agreements and legal document preparation

      For a business to operate as a legal business entity, it requires business agreements and contracts. Partnership agreements, Employment contracts, and agreements with third-party vendors are among the most commonly used contracts to define business responsibilities and specify legal remedies if agreed-upon conditions are not met. Drafting or reviewing a contract can be an intimidating process, and often boilerplate language, while essential, cannot meet the needs for every business agreement or transaction.

      Advising on Legal Compliance

      Today’s financial industry and markets are always changing. Companies face the complexities of heightened regulations and intricate disclosure requirements. At Jacko Law Group, our San Diego business attorneys help firms navigate their compliance challenges, such as reporting and disclosure obligations, cybersecurity, and overall fiduciary duties.

      Assisting with Mergers and Acquisitions

      Strategic planning begins years before the merger, acquisition, or transition. Whether you’re forming a new business entity, planning for a merger or acquisition, succession or exit planning, our business lawyers in San Diego [AB1] have decades of combined experience and offer valuable M&A experience and specialized guidance to ensure that clients are better able to navigate the significant changes when consolidating businesses with confidence and success.

      How to Choose the Right Business Attorney?

      It’s all about asking the right questions when you evaluate different options.

      Ask your potential lawyer about:

      What’s your experience in working with a business like mine?

      Finding the right business attorney in San Diego is important because to provide effective counsel, a lawyer and legal team will need a solid understanding business plan and strategy to provide specialized guidance based on knowledge and experience working with businesses and clients like you. When you work with the right business and legal partner who truly cares and understands your business, it can alleviate the learning curve regarding the ins-and-outs of the business and accelerate the desired outcomes.

      Do you have any conflict of interest with my business?

      Inquiring about conflicts of interest is critical, as firms may be unable to serve potential clients effectively or how they need to be served if there is a conflict. The law firm must run a conflict check when looking for the right Business Lawyer in San Diego. Still, it is important to be aware if there is a conflict with any other companies or clients that the lawyer or firm has, especially within the industry. Review the firm mission, vision, and values – to better understand who they are, whether their brand or company is values-based, and if those values align with your company values.

      Look at an attorney’s references and reputation.

      It is important to work with a Business Attorney in San Diego that is established and reputable – or known for delivering exceptional results for their clients. No one wants to partner with a brand that doesn’t meet the service expectations or that their quality of service doesn’t reflect the price. A potential client’s business is important as it may have taken them years to establish. In engaging an attorney, a business owner is choosing to trust the legal and business acumen of a reputable attorney. Working with an established attorney who provides quality legal services with a solid reputation in your community and industry is important.

      Potential clients may want to consider reviews and testimonials on various websites, such as Google, Yelp, Avvo, and more. Also, if interested, potential clients may look to see whether the attorney has been recently published or otherwise recognized for their work.

      Does this attorney align with my communication style?

      It is important to work with a business lawyer that communicates effectively with their clients. Both legal and business decisions can be complicated and potentially taxing on the organization. If legal counsel isn’t communicative in the desired method – critical communications and key business decisions can fall through the cracks.

      When assessing an attorney’s communication style, a potential client can inquire and identify the attorney’s style by asking directly. Otherwise, reviewing available communications to include their firm’s website, industry publications, marketing materials, social media campaigns, and other thought leadership may be helpful. The ability to assess how the attorney has made themselves accessible to the public will reflect the methods and capabilities of service for the client.

      The right attorney will do their best to communicate with clients in the way that works best for that client while maintaining appropriate professional boundaries.

      Ask about an attorney’s fee structure.

      Whether an attorney’s services fit within your budget is essential to establishing a long-term partnership with a business lawyer in San Diego. For example, a partner at a larger firm may be available; however, the rates will vary, and the fee structure may not be feasible for a small business or firm just starting or on the verge of growth.

      When looking for a business attorney in San Diego that aligns with your needs and budget, potential clients will want to evaluate the team and the legal services’ quality. Often we find at our boutique law firm that our business attorneys in San Diego can work with clients and provide a level of attention that partners well with strategic teams. At JLG, we provide exceptional legal services without compromising integrity. Our JLG Team and attorneys are experienced in providing effective counsel, and we are there for our clients. Our experienced business attorneys will partner with you to complete your project work cost-efficiently and effectively – utilizing Senior attorneys for insight and counsel as needed in collaborating with associates and legal support to execute and manage the legal project work to budget.

      With decades of combined experience, our Business Lawyers at Jacko Law Group – a Securities and Corporate Law Firm – will guide you through your business and legal concerns with our in-depth analysis and personalized solutions. Our JLG Team has served hundreds of clients in various industries to provide a custom legal strategy and accelerate outcomes to help achieve results and overall business success. To book your next strategy session with our JLG Team or to speak with an attorney, contact us at 619.298.2880 or via email at

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