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Jacko Law Group brings years of experience in mergers & acquisitions, providing your Dallas firm with the confidence to undertake significant transformations as you establish, merge, or expand your business.

Our experienced Mergers & Acquisitions lawyers act as trusted counsel, offering strategic advice at every stage from entity formation to business consolidation and transition. With our legal guidance, you can move forward with your business goals, knowing that your legal interests are in capable hands.


    years helping businesses thrive.


    businesses have used JLG for their business legal needs.


    Business contracts created for our clients.

    Represented a biotech startup being acquired by a large pharmaceutical company in a $100 million deal.

    Assisted in the sale of a privately-held bank by a large financial institution in a $50 million deal.

    Successfully represented a hazardous waste company in purchasing storage facilities in the US.

    A Mergers & Acquisitions Firm Your Dallas Firm Can Rely On

    At Jacko Law Group, we have proudly served as trusted legal counsel to clients since 2007 serving Dallas businesses like you. Our mission is to be the top leading service provider throughout the nation - we strive to serve clients by providing high-quality representation to each client seeking to buy, sell, or merge with another business entity.

    With our experienced Mergers & Acquisitions team, we can assist your Dallas company in making sound business decisions & planning for your next M&A deal. From Due Diligence and Business Entity Formation to Purchase Agreement Terms and Conditions, Promissory Note Provisions, Vendor & Employment Contracts, Management and Ownership Structure, Independent Contractor and Employment Agreements, Intellectual Property, Succession Planning, and much more, we offer  solutions tailored to your unique business needs. 

    As recognized leaders in Regulatory and Securities Law, our team of Mergers & Acquisitions lawyers offer legal advice and strategic counsel to businesses in Dallas, Texas. At Jacko Law Group, we deliver an unparalleled client experience and offer experienced counsel to safeguard your business interests, strengthen your M&A strategy, and streamline your operational process by maximizing value while reducing risk.

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      The Mergers & Acquisitions Expertise you need for your Dallas Business.

      Business Succession Planning

      Our succession planning lawyers provide comprehensive legal services to strategically develop and maintain succession plans that ensure appropriate exit planning and tax considerations for owners and surviving business.

      Employee Agreements

      The financial industry has unique considerations for independent contractors and employment agreements. We help you to customize your representatives’ agreement in accordance with regulatory standards and considerations.

      Acquisitions and Management Buy-Outs

      We assist with all aspects of acquisitions and management buy-outs including thorough due diligence, review and drafting of documents, and strategic counsel related to the transaction to ensure it is structured to provide the best advantages in tax benefits and mitigation of business risks.

      Expert Due Diligence

      Our lawyers perform expert due diligence, which provides important information that helps our clients understand the values and assets, as well as the risks and potential liabilities of the M&A deal.

      Purchase Agreement Terms

      Experienced legal counsel can protect businesses in asset purchase agreements – from drafting of term sheets to negotiating terms, drafting restrictive covenants, dispute resolution and taking steps to ensure the purchase agreement protects the clients’ interests.

      Business Entity Formation

      Forming a new business entity in an M&A deal involves several important steps. Jacko Law Group helps clients by determining the cost and expense, developing ownership and management structures, establishing and protecting intellectual property, and more.

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        Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Attorneys: How to Choose the Right Lawyer for the Sale of your Dallas Company

        When selecting a law firm to manage your merger or acquisition deal, it is important to consider several factors, such as experience and specialized knowledge, access to resources, reputation, and cost.

        At Jacko Law Group, we have established ourselves with a reputation in the industry as thought leaders. Our JLG Team of Mergers and Acquisitions attorneys and legal professionals have had success providing legal guidance and supporting numerous clients through every stage of the business journey and M&A process.

        Our dedicated team is committed to helping you navigate the complexities of your M&A transaction with accuracy, attention to detail, and transparency. Our goal is to protect your interests, achieve your business objectives, and generate long-term value for you as our client.

        Frequently Asked Questions

        Mergers and acquisitions are two growth strategies that allow companies the opportunity to scale and make their vision a reality to optimize value. Experienced Mergers and Acquisitions attorneys can help your Dallas firm expand your business to gain a competitive advantage, increase market share, and benefit from economies of scale.

        In planning for a merger or acquisition, M&A legal support services can help your business move forward with confidence, whether restructuring business activities or helping support you through a reorganization. Attorneys with experience in Mergers and Acquisitions can provide comprehensive legal solutions for your M&A deal, including due diligence, contract negotiation, regulatory compliance, and other critical aspects of the process.

        With years of experience and industry knowledge, Mergers and Acquisitions attorneys can assist you in navigating the complexities of M&A transactions and protecting your interests. They understand the unique challenges and opportunities in the Dallas business landscape and can develop customized legal strategies that align with your specific business objectives. Partnering with experienced Mergers and Acquisitions attorneys can provide your Dallas business with the necessary legal support to achieve a successful outcome in your M&A deal or transaction.

        At Jacko Law Group, our JLG Team of experienced professionals wants to understand your business goals as we help your business and stakeholders through the M&A process. Our mergers and acquisitions lawyers act as outside counsel for our clients, providing legal assistance to buyers and sellers throughout the M&A process.

        Since 2007, Jacko Law Group has worked with hundreds of businesses nationwide, offering clients the resources and legal advice needed to effectively manage some of the most complicated M&A transactions and transitions. Our JLG Team brings years of combined experience and the necessary skills to partner with your Dallas-based business and guide you through your next business transaction or M&A deal.

        In order to ensure a successful merger or acquisition, it is important to engage the right legal partner whether you need an experienced M&A attorney or a professional exit planner who can provide support early on in the business planning process. Partnering with experienced Mergers and Acquisitions attorneys can provide your Dallas-based firm with the necessary legal guidance to navigate the complexities of a major change or potential M&A deal.

        Our M&A attorneys have years of corporate law and regulatory experience serving clients in the financial industry and across various business sectors. We take a client-centered approach to providing comprehensive legal services acting as an extension of your Dallas business team. We establish ourselves as trusted strategic business partners, and our values-driven approach is based on earning your trust. We collaborate with you to develop a customized legal project plan for your M&A deal or transaction that meets your specific business needs.

        Our Mergers and Acquisitions Attorneys consider all aspects of your business and industry, as well as potential future impacts on your Dallas-based business when developing your business plan. We work with you from the initial planning through all stages of the M&A process, providing cost-effective legal solutions and strategic counsel.

        Through collaboration and teamwork, our team works as an extension of your business team, serving as your outside legal counsel to ensure consistent communication with all stakeholders and to notify necessary parties of any changes or impacts to your business.

        We value your business and trust in our team to provide M&A services to your Dallas-based business. Our experienced Mergers and Acquisitions lawyers are dedicated to making lasting connections with our clients, and we strive to achieve desired results aligned with your specific business objectives.

        Mergers and Acquisitions attorneys are purposeful throughout the partnership, providing your Dallas-based businesses with specific legal insights based on years of experience and specific industry knowledge. Each of the corporate attorneys brings business acumen gained through working with businesses like yours.

        With unique perspectives and an understanding of your business objectives, Mergers and Acquisitions lawyers can work with Dallas businesses to increase efficiencies in the M&A process and accelerate outcomes for your M&A deal. By partnering with experienced legal professionals, clients in Dallas can align themselves with a team of regulatory and compliance specialists focused on helping your businesses expand and grow.

        Mergers and Acquisitions lawyers will provide your Dallas firm with peace of mind in navigating an M&A transaction or transition by offering comprehensive legal services and the requisite attention to meet and exceed your business needs. Whether you need assistance with due diligence, contract negotiation, regulatory compliance, or other legal aspects of M&A, Dallas-based attorneys have the expertise to guide you through the complexities of the process.

        As trusted advisors, the right Mergers and Acquisitions lawyers will understand the unique challenges and opportunities in the Dallas business landscape. We are skilled in developing customized legal strategies that align with your specific business objectives, and we are committed to achieving desired results for your M&A deal or transaction. Partnering with Mergers and Acquisitions attorneys can provide your Dallas business with the necessary legal support to navigate the complexities of M&A transactions, protect your interests, and ensure a successful outcome.

        At Jacko Law Group, our team of Mergers and Acquisitions lawyers have successfully served numerous companies, and we remain dedicated to providing exceptional client servicing as we align with our mission to be recognized as a leading service provider to our clients, like your Dallas-based firm. We offer legal solutions and guide clients toward the greatest outcomes while exceeding business objectives.

        Our firm has counseled clients and provided representation in highly regulated matters focusing on the financial industry, including broker-dealers, insurance, private funds, and registered investment advisers.

        At Jacko Law Group, our team of Mergers and Acquisitions lawyers is focused on achieving excellence for our clients, working diligently to obtain the best results for their businesses. We have decades of combined experience, including working in-house, serving as outsourced corporate counsel, and providing SEC regulatory counsel in the highly regulated financial industry.

        Our Mergers and Acquisitions attorneys work with leading companies to stay current as regulatory developments happen. We have been acknowledged as industry thought leaders who leverage the institutional knowledge of our Managing Partner when providing services to our clients through collaboration and teamwork.

        After planning an M&A transaction and closing a deal, it is crucial to consider the potential legal ramifications and operational impacts. For example, modifications to business filings, corporate governance, and legal documents such as the operating agreement may be necessary. After your Dallas firm works with experienced Mergers and Acquisitions lawyers to ensure legal compliance and the effective transfer of assets and liabilities in highly regulated industries, it is equally critical to continue partnering with counsel after an M&A deal closes for proper integration.

        Mergers and Acquisitions attorneys can provide comprehensive legal support to help your business navigate the post-transaction phase and address any legal issues that may arise. They have the expertise and knowledge of the local Dallas business landscape to assist you in ensuring ongoing legal compliance, optimizing operational efficiency, and mitigating potential risks.

        From advising on corporate governance matters to assisting with regulatory compliance, contract negotiation, and other legal aspects in Dallas, Mergers and Acquisitions lawyers can be invaluable partners in ensuring a smooth transition and integration after a successful M&A deal. By leveraging their experience and industry knowledge, you can effectively address legal challenges and protect your business interests in the post-transaction phase.

        Proper legal counsel can help your Dallas business navigate the complexities of post-transaction integration and ensure ongoing legal compliance, positioning your business for continued success in the Dallas business landscape.

        Our team of skilled Mergers and Acquisitions attorneys are well-versed in the complexities of M&A transactions and can provide comprehensive legal assistance throughout the entire process. From structuring M&A deals to succession planning and exit preparation, our corporate counsel and regulatory compliance professionals can support organizations, clients, and businesses in navigating the legal intricacies of M&A transactions.

        At Jacko Law Group, our team of Mergers and Acquisitions attorneys, corporate counsel, and regulatory compliance professionals assist organizations, clients, and businesses with transitions and exit preparation, from structuring M&A deals to succession planning. Once a deal is completed, and a company is acquired, or two companies merge, operations between the two firms must be integrated.

        To schedule an initial consultation and speak with one of our Mergers and Acquisitions attorneys, contact our JLG Team at 619.298.2880. Whether you are preparing for a merger or acquisition, conducting due diligence, or need specialized legal services during an M&A deal or transaction, we encourage you to reach out to discuss how we can support your needs.