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At Jacko Law Group, our top priority is helping your Dallas-based business thrive. Our dedicated team listens to your business requirements, provides tailored solutions, and guide you around legal challenges.

Whether you're launching a new venture, making a critical business choice, facing a legal conflict, or seeking to safeguard your intellectual property, our trusted business lawyers are true collaborators who deliver strategic guidance and expedited results.


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    Business Attorney Services for
    Our Dallas Clients

    Corporate Governance

    Take control of your corporate governance today. Proactively manage risks, seize business opportunities, and maintain momentum towards reaching your business goals. Operate legally, ethically and in compliance with local laws and regulations.

    Independent Contractor & Employee Agreements

    The financial industry has unique considerations for independent contractors and employment agreements. We help you to customize your representatives’ agreement in accordance with regulatory standards and considerations.

    Outsourced General Corporate Counsel Services

    Hire our Corporate Counsellors to access our legal services on an as-needed basis without investing in an in-house legal department. Save money and stay protected by allowing our firm to be an extension of your company's legal department.

    Contract Review

    Mitigate potential risks and effectively manage your business arrangements. We review, analyze, and revise your contracts for compliance with current regulatory requirements. Take steps to ensure your contracts are legally binding and enforceable.

    Employment Termination Counseling

    We draft termination agreements, taking into consideration regulatory matters to protect your company from potential lawsuits. We advise on the process of terminating employees, including form U5 disclosures, the documentation you need to prepare, applicable restrictions, and representing your company throughout this process.

    Succession Planning Counsel

    Our succession planning lawyers provide comprehensive legal services to strategically develop and maintain succession plans that ensure appropriate exit planning and tax considerations for the owners and surviving business.

    Breakaway & Transition Planning

    Whether you are acquiring or merging with a firm, doing corporate restructuring, or breaking away from your current firm, we provide strategic legal services for all transition and breakaway matters.

    Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

    Whether you're looking to buy or sell your business, Jacko Law Group has decades of Mergers and Acquisitions experience to ensure that you can consolidate businesses with confidence, with in-depth analysis, and personalized solutions.

    Business Lawyers for your
    Dallas Firm

    At Jacko Law Group, we understand that every successful business needs a dependable legal team to navigate through the complexities of effective management and growth. Our elite team of business attorneys provides support with contract examination, compliance, and dispute resolution, helping hundreds of businesses navigate challenging legal terrain, avoid expensive errors, and safeguard their assets and intellectual property since 2007.

    Whether you’re a small business or an entrepreneur, we can protect your legal interests, help you avoid expensive legal mistakes, and counsel you on securities regulations impacting your business. 

    As an industry leader in providing personalized legal services to firms and individuals in the financial sector and other industries, Jacko Law Group offers exceptional legal assistance and unparalleled client service specifically crafted to protect your business interests.  

    Our JLG Team has all your bases covered, whether it’s drafting and preparing contracts, representing your company in regulatory matters and legal disputes, or providing counsel and training on legal matters. Drawing upon years of collective legal expertise and industry knowledge in managing complex transactional issues, our business attorneys offer strategic guidance and legal advice customized to the needs of your business.

    We strive to be the best business lawyers for your Dallas business, and we appreciate the recognition.

    Business Lawyers: How to
    Choose the Right Teammate

    When you partner with the best business attorneys, they become genuine allies to your Dallas enterprise, supporting you by creating contract agreements, addressing employee concerns, or counseling you through legal conflicts.

    Business lawyers can help with numerous legal matters connected to launching, administering, and scaling a business and provide legal counsel to help your Dallas business thrive.

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      JLG's Frequently Asked Questions

      If you want to start a new business, operate or expand an existing business, choose experienced business lawyers who can provide high-quality legal support. Having a strategic business plan for your Dallas business and partnering with business lawyers knowledgeable in your industry are essential for your overall success.

      As business lawyers, we offer legal guidance and assistance in matters such as entity formation, compliance, drafting and reviewing legal documents, and strategic business counsel. Our business lawyers protect our clients' interests and help you successfully operate, manage, and protect your business.

      At Jacko Law Group, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the tools needed to achieve business objectives and realize their vision. Our business attorneys work with business owners and entrepreneurs to understand their business needs and address their specific legal concerns. We offer customized legal solutions and strategic business advice through exceptional client servicing.

      As thoughtful business partners, our business attorneys prioritize your business objectives to accelerate outcomes and achieve positive results for our clients and their companies. Through collaboration and values-driven leadership, we help business owners and entrepreneurs grow and expand their businesses.

      Contract review

      Partnering with effective business partners and established business attorneys is critical for the overall success of your Dallas business. They can assist with initial contract review and legal document preparation, establish efficient business operations, and ensure compliance with applicable law.

      Business owners and entrepreneurs carefully create and prepare the essential contracts that are advantageous to their business and safeguard their assets with the help of an experienced business lawyer or outsourced corporate counsel. They can manage and/or reduce risks and offer ongoing strategic business advice to new business owners, established businesses, and expanding businesses.

      At Jacko Law Group, our business attorneys operate as an extension of your legal team and provide strategic business advice to assist your business or firm. We offer high-quality legal assistance, including drafting and negotiating contracts, preparing legal agreements, and analyzing term sheets.

      Through collaboration with our JLG Team of experienced business and corporate lawyers, we provide added value and the necessary legal protection to help you maintain a profitable business. It is important to work with knowledgeable business lawyers and utilize contracts specifically drafted to meet your business needs – from managing and operating agreements to third-party service provider contracts to navigating Merger or Acquisition transactions.

      Labor and Employment Law

      Outsourcing the legal function to outsourced corporate counsel or outside business attorneys can help businesses decrease overhead, such as handling employment matters, managing employee complaints, and related disputes. It is crucial to work with business lawyers or legal counsel who share the same values as your organization and understand your business objectives for the success of your Dallas-based business or firm.

      At Jacko Law Group, we help firms both in the Dallas area and nationwide to successfully manage and/or mitigate business risks, especially when it comes to managing their most valuable asset - their people.

      We collaborate with clients on a range of legal concerns, including employment issues such as severance packages, employment agreements, and other legal matters that arise for employers in operating their business. When facing complex issues such as employee complaints or termination, our business attorneys offer invaluable legal insight to support your Dallas-based business.

      With years of corporate law and industry experience, our JLG Team collaborates with business owners and entrepreneurs on a variety of legal issues and provides additional guidance on labor and employment law matters.

      Intellectual Property

      Protecting your assets, including your Intellectual Property (“IP”), is essential for the strength of your business. Our business lawyers help clients and Dallas-based businesses protect their intellectual property and brand as they start their business or expand and grow their company.

      At Jacko Law Group, our JLG Team guides you through the IP process by conducting a thorough analysis to determine any IP needs and possible IP opportunities to safeguard your intellectual property and protect your business

      • Choosing a business entity

        When entrepreneurs start a business, they have a variety of legal entity structures to choose from; the most popular types include sole proprietorship, limited liability company ("LLC"), and corporation.

        To select the most appropriate business entity, new business owners need to consider certain factors such as liability protection, tax ramifications, and record-keeping. They should consider the best way to secure the company and its assets, along with other issues such as marketing strategy and concerns regarding intellectual property..

      • Drafting agreements

        Drafting agreements is essential for any successful business to function as a legitimate legal entity. Business agreements & contracts, including well-drafted organizational documents such as operating and partnership agreements, define obligations and outline legal remedies if predetermined conditions are not met. The process of drafting or revising a contract can be complicated and requires a solid understanding of business needs and legal implications.

      • Advising on compliance

        In today's highly regulated financial industry and ever-changing markets, businesses face new regulatory requirements, complicated disclosure obligations, and strict guidance to comply with applicable laws and rule changes.

        At Jacko Law Group, our business lawyers assist companies in achieving legal and regulatory compliance by advising on issues such as reporting and disclosure requirements, cybersecurity risks, and managing fiduciary obligations.

      • Assisting with mergers and acquisitions

        For businesses considering a merger or acquisition ("M&A"), the strategic planning process ideally begins years before the transition. Our business lawyers have decades of combined corporate legal experience, offering valuable M&A insight and specialized guidance to ensure our clients can navigate significant changes when combining businesses with confidence and success.

        By working with our business attorneys, we can collaborate with your local-based business at all stages – from creating your business plan, to planning for a merger or acquisition, succession planning, or exit planning.

      • Every business has unique needs, and it takes the right business lawyer to meet their legal needs. Legal expertise and experience should be key when searching for a business attorney for your Dallas business. It is just as important to make sure your communication styles align. A reputable business lawyer believes that a client-attorney relationship is based on trust, respect and clear communication. This is why it is important to do your research while searching for a business attorney for your Dallas-based business. If you would like to speak to our experienced business attorneys, please call us at 619.298.2880 or email