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The business lawyers at Jacko Law Group, PC provide legal services to Chicago businesses in the finance and securities industries including investment advisers, investment companies, broker-dealers, advisers to public funds, and other professionals in those sectors.

Our business attorneys understand the importance for Chicago-based firms to work with the right law firm. We provide Chicago clients with strategic business structuring for new business ventures, corporate and tax counsel for mergers and acquisitions, and other transitions. Jacko Law Group business lawyers offer Chicago businesses the experience and dedication to face the market confidently.

Jacko Law Group is an industry leader, dedicated to counseling our Chicago clients through their business journey from formation to exit planning, navigating them through legal challenges, and setting them up for success. We offer customized legal solutions to address the unique needs of your business.

If you are starting a new venture, considering a business transition, or are involved in a legal dispute, the experienced business attorneys at Jacko Law Group can offer your Chicago business strategic, effective legal counsel to meet your goals.


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    Business Attorney Services for
    Our Chicago Clients

    Corporate Governance

    Take control of your corporate governance today. Proactively manage risks, seize business opportunities, and maintain momentum towards reaching your business goals. Operate legally, ethically and in compliance with local laws and regulations.

    Independent Contractor & Employee Agreements

    The financial industry has unique considerations for independent contractors and employment agreements. We help you to customize your representatives’ agreement in accordance with regulatory standards and considerations.

    Outsourced General Corporate Counsel Services

    Hire our Corporate Counsellors to access our legal services on an as-needed basis without investing in an in-house legal department. Save money and stay protected by allowing our firm to be an extension of your company's legal department.

    Contract Review

    Mitigate potential risks and effectively manage your business arrangements. We review, analyze, and revise your contracts for compliance with current regulatory requirements. Take steps to ensure your contracts are legally binding and enforceable.

    Employment Termination Counseling

    We draft termination agreements, taking into consideration regulatory matters to protect your company from potential lawsuits. We advise on the process of terminating employees, including form U5 disclosures, the documentation you need to prepare, applicable restrictions, and representing your company throughout this process.

    Succession Planning Counsel

    Our succession planning lawyers provide comprehensive legal services to strategically develop and maintain succession plans that ensure appropriate exit planning and tax considerations for the owners and surviving business.

    Breakaway & Transition Planning

    Whether you are acquiring or merging with a firm, doing corporate restructuring, or breaking away from your current firm, we provide strategic legal services for all transition and breakaway matters.

    Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

    Whether you're looking to buy or sell your business, Jacko Law Group has decades of Mergers and Acquisitions experience to ensure that you can consolidate businesses with confidence, with in-depth analysis, and personalized solutions.

    Securities Regulatory and Compliance

    We provide a comprehensive range of securities regulatory and compliance legal solutions such as regulatory filings, regulatory examinations and enforcement counsel, investment adviser, broker-dealer and investment company regulatory counsel, and more, working with you to keep your business compliant and on track to meet your business goals.

    Business Lawyers Your Chicago Firm Can Rely Upon

    Chicago-based firms committed to building and running a successful business understand the importance of working with an experienced business lawyer.

    Jacko Law Group brings decades of legal experience helping Chicago businesses and other finance and security firms around the country. Our business lawyers have helped numerous broker-dealers, investment advisers, investment companies, and others safeguard their assets, protect their businesses, and maneuver through legal challenges.

    We set our clients up for success. We are true partners, who understand the legal obstacles Chicago-based businesses face. Our business lawyers are dedicated to protecting our Chicago clients’ business interests, protecting them from potential legal pitfalls, and as securities regulatory and compliance lawyers, ensuring they meet the stringent compliance requirements of the finance and securities industries.  

    The business attorneys of Jacko Law Group help Chicago-based businesses with a range of business law services including, contracts review and drafting, corporate governance, business formation and transitions including mergers and acquisitions, succession planning and exit planning, taxation, and more.

    Jacko Law Group business attorneys have decades of legal experience, especially in handling complex legal matters that Chicago-based businesses may face. We provide a comprehensive approach and custom legal solutions tailored to the needs of our clients.

    We strive to be the best business lawyers for your Chicago business, and we appreciate the recognition.

    Choosing the Right Legal Partner in Chicago

    Since 2007, Jacko Law Group has provided businesses in Chicago and around the country with exceptional business law services. Our business lawyers have provided experienced and strategic legal counsel to broker-dealers, investment advisers, investment companies, and others, helping them form, grow, sell, and protect their firms.

    Our business lawyers can help Chicago firms make informed decisions when considering their next business move. We provide knowledgeable legal advice on business entity formation, contracts, and transitions including mergers and acquisitions, succession planning, and more.

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    We are the leading business lawyers serving businesses in Chicago, with unmatched, personable client experience, and a keen focus on maximizing value and minimizing risk for our clients.

    As a corporate and securities law firm serving Chicago-based businesses in finance and securities, our value is unmatched. We have in-depth knowledge of a niche and highly regulated part of the economy. This means that our clients make informed business decisions that take into account several factors including the securities regulatory and compliance requirements of the State of Illinois, and other agencies like the SEC and FINRA.

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      Business Lawyers in Chicago: FAQs

      A business lawyer serving Chicago-based businesses is a strategic partner who provides legal counsel and strategy, working collaboratively with clients to grow and protect their businesses. They assist businesses with contract review and drafting documents, mergers and acquisitions, and more.

      Chicago firms are advised to seek legal counsel to review any contracts with a business lawyer who can act on their behalf. Business lawyers will review contracts and analyze any documents to mitigate risks and maximize value for their clients.

      Reputable business lawyers for Chicago firms provide a range of legal services to help clients succeed including mergers and acquisitions, corporate and business formation, business transition services, succession planning, exit planning, and more.

      Startups in Chicago should consult a business lawyer to make sure that their company formation is set up to maximize value, minimize risk, and meet all state, federal, and regulatory requirements.

      Business lawyers in Chicago can help companies with mergers and acquisitions by providing vital information to guide decision-making, such as Due Diligence, Business Entity Formation, Purchase Agreement Terms, Ownership and Management Structure, Promissory note provisions, Employment and Vendor Arrangements, Contractor Agreements, and more.

      The terms, corporate attorneys and business lawyers are sometimes used interchangeably. By definition, corporate law focuses on the formation and management of the business entities, whereas, business law encompasses formation, management, as well as the management of internal and external factors that relate to the business.

      Chicago businesses should research lawyers who can assist them with their legal needs. Investment advisers, investment companies, broker-dealers, and others in the finance and securities industries understand the complexity of this industry. It is important to choose an experienced business attorney with proven expertise working with clients in the same business.

      Business lawyers are required by law to maintain client confidentiality.

      A reputable business attorney for Chicago businesses will structure their fees based on the complexity of the legal services requested.

      Each law firm is different. Business lawyers serving Chicago clients vary in the legal services they offer. It is important to do thorough research on law firms that work with businesses like yours and speak to them directly. If a firm does not offer litigation services, they will provide references to a reputable firm that does.

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