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The Jacko Law Group legal team is thrilled to make available, our weekly JLG tips, to help Investment Advisers, firms, broker-dealers and other practitioners in the finance and securities sectors with important factors or changes in regulatory compliance and tax.

As one of the most dynamic yet heavily regulated professions in the economy, those in the investment advisory space must contend with frequent changes to regulatory requirements and avoid nuanced pitfalls during initial structuring or restructuring.

Jacko Law Group Managing Partner and CEO Michelle Jacko will share her expertise in securities regulatory compliance to alert those in the space to new regulations, provide guidance on compliance issues, and tips on how to establish and maintain a robust regulatory compliance program.

Private Funds attorney, Eric M. Leander will be sharing Private Fund tips to help those in the industry with fund-related matters. Eric Leander is a senior attorney at the firm. He focuses his practice on business, corporate, securities, contracts, and transactional law, representing established businesses, innovative entrepreneurs, high-growth startups, and investors in a range of matters including fund formation and advisement. See below for a link to the tips.

Dharmi C. Mehta, Esq. will share tips on Corporate and Securities Litigation for those who are, or who believe they may be at risk of a being sued. Dharmi Mehta is a senior attorney at Jacko Law Group, P.C. She focuses her practice on representing the firm’s clients in complex business disputes, securities, and transactional matters for investment advisers, broker-dealers, financial professionals, and advisers to private funds.

Regulatory Tips
Michelle Jacko

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Private Fund Tips
Eric Leander

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Litigation Tips
Dharmi Mehta

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Jacko Law Group, PC (JLG) is a securities and corporate law firm serving some of the most regulated professionals in the finance and securities sectors. We provide legal counsel to, investment advisers, broker-dealers, private fund advisers, Investment companies and more.

With decades of experience, our lawyers are industry leaders in corporate and securities law. This means that we help you start, build out, transition or exit, while giving you the tools to stay compliant with regulatory bodies.



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