With a strong passion for accounting processes and procedures, Anneka van Dongen serves as Controller for Jacko Law Group PC ("JLG"), where she oversees the daily accounting efforts to support JLG’s strategic initiatives. Ms. van Dongen is responsible for accounts receivable, reconciliations, payroll, budgets and forecasting, client invoicing and management of the General Ledger in accordance with GAAP compliance. Her leadership skills and ability to build rapport with our executives and clients enables her to deliver excellent service and support. Ms. van Dongen is instrumental in providing vital financial information and strategic financial guidance to help achieve JLG’s goals and strategic planning successes.

Ms. van Dongen has over 15 years of Accounting experience, with an emphasis on cost reduction and expense management. Prior to joining JLG, she was responsible for the Accounting processes and Information Technology project successes with the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego. During her tenure, Ms. van Dongen streamlined systems by migrating the organization’s accounting software, server and systems migration to a cloud-based platform. Her forward thinking and keen attention to detail is of tremendous value to JLG.


A.A.S., Accounting, Lake Washington Technical College, Kirkland, WA

Attended University of Washington

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