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Mock SEC and SEC Examination Services


Regulatory Exam Preparations

When regulatory agencies such as the SEC, FINRA or the states come knocking, will your firm be ready to respond to their interview questions, lengthy document requests or demonstrate the firm's culture of compliance through your risk assessment/analysis process?

The firm's demonstration of compliance with regulatory requirements is at the forefront of every regulatory examination. Investing the time and resources needed to answer these questions will help in the firm's long-term preparation required for regulatory examinations. JLG provides highly customized and personalized mock sec examination services and attention to help prepare all of our clients for their regulatory examinations.

Mock Exams

At JLG, we help broker-dealers, investment advisers, hedge funds, investment companies, and private equity firms to assess their readiness for the regulatory exam. We conduct mock exams on a periodic basis. To begin the process, we will provide the firm with the latest regulatory exam initial document request list, perform in-person interviews and assess internal systems and controls. At the conclusion of the process, we will provide our findings to your senior management team, which includes a list of recommended actions, to advance compliance program efforts. Contact JLG regulatory counsel for more information.

Risk Analysis

JLG helps firms take proactive steps required to identify and assess areas of risk, and to enhance — and if necessary, create — policies and procedures that address and manage these risks effectively.

We conduct on-site focused risk assessments at the firm's headquarters and at various branch and nonbranch office locations upon request. We will help identify high, medium and low risks so that the business knows where to focus its internal control efforts.

As part of the testing and risk analysis process, our attorneys and team of professionals will customize their reviews to evaluate all those aspects of your business that are subject to regulatory compliance, including:

  • Corporate books and records
  • Accounting ledgers
  • Trading and transaction records
  • New account applications/investment policy statements
  • Customer complaints and arbitration matters
  • Associated persons' and representatives' files
  • Advertising and marketing materials
  • Written policies and procedures manuals
  • Firm registration records
  • Client disclosure documents and privacy notices
  • Anti-Money Laundering Program, Business Continuity Plan, Regulation S-P controls and other cybersecurity controls
  • Client contracts and account files
  • Supervisory compliance controls
  • New products and services, including controls for supervising business development and transactions

Once the risk analysis has been conducted, JLG provides a findings report that addresses any critical concerns that may require immediate action. We then work closely with clients to develop a compliance calendar that prioritizes action items and includes a timeline for implementing enhanced controls.

For more information or to speak with a securities lawyer — contact our San Diego law office directly at 619.298.2880 or contact us online.


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