Alicia Bond
Director of Operations, Counsel

Alicia M. Bond, Esq.

Director of Operations, Counsel

With a strong business background, Alicia M. Bond serves as the Director of Operations and Counsel at Jacko Law Group, PC (“JLG”). Ms. Bond manages legal operations, day-to-day business of the firm, and oversees the company’s processes and systems. As trusted counsel, she collaborates with the CEO on the strategic direction and vision of the firm. Operationally, Ms. Bond focuses on multi-department alignment, cross-functional communication, and implementation and effectiveness of business growth strategies.

Ms. Bond is values-driven and committed to creating a corporate culture while providing exceptional service through collaboration and teamwork. She oversees the firm’s approach to the delivery of comprehensive legal services and supports the overall company mission. Ms. Bond is dedicated to building excellence and exceeding client expectations through strategic business planning that supports client initiatives and accelerates outcomes.

As a relationship-focused professional, Ms. Bond works in partnership with our external business partners to nurture positive long-term relationships and foster trust. Her commitment to DE&I and concentrated efforts prioritize creating an inclusive environment that promotes diversity at all levels. At JLG, she focuses on people, seeks to build successful teams, and identifies opportunities for growth to create a sustainable workplace for all. Ms. Bond’s passion for advocacy, conscious leadership and service helps improve operational efficiency and drive overall growth.

A changemaker, she encourages sharing diverse ideas and empowers others to make a difference through their work. Daily, Ms. Bond provides support and training to our JLG Team. In decision-making, her intuitive problem-solving skills empower her to identify challenges and propose individualized solutions that address specific business objectives and meet clients’ unique service demands.

Given her background in corporate law, Ms. Bond truly enjoys representing clients, working with business partners, and helping to manage risk. A lifelong learner, she continues to expand her practice areas to build upon her broad legal experience. Having worked as part of an in-house legal team, she is a forward thinker who collaborates with our JLG Team and business clients to provide strategic outsourced general counsel services. Ms. Bond believes in achieving limitless potential and works hard to understand the various issues businesses and leaders face.

Ms. Bond adds value to her innate ability to listen to clients’ needs and find the best path forward coupled with her passion for achieving positive results. In building an effective team, she identifies their unique talents and develops those strengths holistically to achieve the best outcomes on behalf of our clients and overall success for our JLG Team.

Ms. Bond believes in servant leadership and collaborates to align behaviors with values in leading client servicing efforts. As a trusted advisor, she is intentional in her counsel and strategic in her legal approach. In working to provide outsourced general counsel on client projects, she has been able to help identify opportunities for improvement and mitigate business risks. She has positioned herself to be effective in multiple practice areas by developing creative solutions and custom-tailored service offerings.

Working with Ms. Bond, she encourages tough conversations and leads with honesty and integrity in “doing the right thing.” She partners with our legal team on project management in providing valuable legal insight and conscious counsel on client matters. She has developed a keen eye for “finding the needle in the haystack” and problem-solving at all stages of business from formation to succession planning.

Through analysis and constant learning, Ms. Bond gains a greater understanding of the financial markets and the securities industry. In Mergers and Acquisitions, Ms. Bond is focused on oversight adding in-depth analysis starting during the initial due diligence process. For clients anticipating an imminent transition, she brings her prior in-house experience to the table. Alongside our JLG Team, Ms. Bond works with clients in strategic business planning that aligns with organizational values and business goals.

As part of the strategic initiatives at JLG, Ms. Bond’s approach to business and legal practice emphasizes organic growth and keeps the best interest of the clients who we serve at top of our minds especially as we expand our business model and service areas. Throughout her career, she has developed and continues to hone her understanding of complex business agreements, contract terms, and business transactions. Ms. Bond takes the time to understand the goals of our clients and their business objectives to fully align agreements including employment contracts to protect clients as companies manage continuous change and growth.

Prior to joining the JLG team, Ms. Bond served on the corporate legal team for Welk Resorts as Compliance Manager working with the General Counsel. Within her role, she concentrated on board management, compliance, and corporate governance. Ms. Bond successfully managed 14 legal entities in collaboration with the management team and supported various legal projects. In over a decade of law practice, she has worked with law firms in Florida, Illinois, and Mississippi. Ms. Bond has handled criminal and civil matters in varied practice areas including breach of contract, corporate law, employment law, insurance claims, non-profit management, as well as other general business matters.

Ms. Bond earned her Juris Doctor from Stetson University College of Law and her Master of Business Administration from Stetson University. She received her undergraduate degree in Legal Studies from the University of Central Florida. She is admitted to the Florida Bar and eligible to practice law in California as a Specially Registered Attorney.

A zealous advocate, Ms. Bond has a passion for promoting equity and community service having been recently selected for the 2023 SDBCA Leadership Academy. She currently serves as Board Member and Development Co-Chair for the Chicano Federation of San Diego County. Ms. Bond has previously served as a volunteer attorney for the San Diego Volunteer Lawyer Program, Inc., where she provided pro bono legal services to some of San Diego's most vulnerable residents. She also served as the first President of the USS America Family Readiness Group (FRG), a military support organization. Ms. Bond is a dedicated mother and wife who loves spending time with family and friends; she enjoys being outdoors hiking, traveling, and practicing yoga.

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The Importance of Keeping Accurate Corporate Records
Blog Outsourced-General Corporate Counsel
June 21, 2022

Once you have decided on the appropriate business entity to form and filed the proper formation documents, our dedicated team of legal professionals is prepared to oversee all of your business needs and can provide counsel to help maintain accurate corporate records and mitigate business risk. Whether you are forming a limited liability company (LLC), limited partnership (LP), or corporation, maintaining accurate corporate records is an essential aspect of business operations. 


Forming your entity is an exciting milestone. Every successful business is tasked with such essential responsibilities as filing required documents on time and addressing a host of legal issues. 



Corporate Counsel, Records & Governance


Many companies establish a governance function by preparing foundational documents that are placed in a binder somewhere for safekeeping. Once that first step and those initial formation documents are completed and filed done, these corporate records can become stale over time if not regularly maintained by a corporate secretary or an assigned member of the organization. 


Just as it is necessary to have current financial documents, it is important to keep accurate corporate governance records and minutes from relevant corporate meetings. While this is a necessary function, often corporate governance does not receive the requisite attention required. Maintaining this function is essential for the future of your business and its growth. For example, if your company is considering an acquisition or similar complex business transaction, you will need to produce corporate records which requires that you maintain accurate, updated governance documents which add to your firm’s business credibility. 


Our team at Jacko Law Group, PC (“JLG”) offers comprehensive general corporate counsel solutions, specifically for maintaining governance and corporate records in the following areas:


  • Completing required annual updates. Most states (including CA) require that an annual meeting of shareholders and the board of directors be held each year to not only reflect the election of officers and board members, but also memorialize any material changes to the business. 


  • Amending bylaws and agreements to reflect changes in the business. Companies are changing their methods of operation more frequently than before to adapt to rapidly evolving business conditions. As your firm evolves, your agreements are likely to require amendment. 


  • Forming a new business entity. Whether converting from a sole proprietorship to an LLC or developing a brand-new entity, JLG can help do the following: 


  • Submit Articles of Organization/Incorporation – To form a limited liability company (LLC), you must file Articles of Organization (Form LLC-1) with the California Secretary of State. 
  • Similarly, to form a corporation, you must file Articles of Incorporation with the Secretary of State’s office. Obtain Employer Tax Identification Number (EIN) – Registering your EIN is an important step and required for tax administration.


  • Drafting organizational documents and agreements. The type of business entity you choose to form dictates the organizational documents needed. 
    • LLCs require operating agreements to memorialize membership interests, services and voting rights; are critical for good governance of LLCs with more than one member; and generally, are updated only as material changes occur in the business. 
    • Corporations are more complex, requiring bylaws, meeting minutes, shareholder agreements and more depending upon the structure of your business. Corporate records are required to be updated annually, and sometimes more frequently. 
    • Partnerships are governed by partnership agreements that memorialize partnership interests, rights and protections, including partner responsibilities, entitlement to distributions and limit liability. 


  • Submitting statements of information. All California corporations and LLCs must file a Statement of Information with the California Secretary of State. Designate Agent of Service of Process. If needed, JLG can serve as your Agent of Service of Process in California. 


  • Completing blue sky and other required filings. If your company sells securities, your firm must comply with federal regulations and the state laws where the securities are offered and sold. JLG will complete required filings on your behalf, including necessary exemption filings, if applicable.


JLG has experienced legal professionals with specialized knowledge who can review your corporate records to mitigate business risk. As always, please let us know how we can best support your needs. Contact our JLG team today at (619) 298-2880 or visit us online to schedule a consultation.

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