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The Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) has spent time and energy focused on proxy voting matters in the recent months. In August 2019, the SEC provided guidance (discussed below) to assist investment advisers fulfilling their proxy voting responsibilities. It also appears to have increased its attention toward regulatory actions involving proxy voting on behalf of clients. 

In a noteworthy action resulting from a lack of action in monitoring client accounts, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") fined three Raymond James entities $15 million for failing to conduct promised suitability reviews for certain advisory accounts invested in unit investment trusts ("UITs").

The Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") has charged two Prudential subsidiaries with a failure to monitor and report conflicts of interest that proved costly to fund shareholders.

While SEC Examinations can be extremely intimidating, we've found that the SEC Exam process doesn't have to be nearly as painful as many firms assume it to be....

When you're faced with the SEC or a FINRA hearing, whether in court, an arbitration, or a hearing due to regulatory action being taken against you or your firm, you'll probably be considering bringing on an expert witness to...

The SEC's pay-to-play rule is more relevant than ever before in today's politically charged climate. As the management of government client assets is widespread in the realm of private equity, whether a private equity adviser is seeking its first...

Growing older is something that every single one of us does. It's a simple fact of life that we will all age with time. Those who advise aging clients may be among those that are the most acutely aware...

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