Experienced California Risk Management Attorneys

Today's regulatory environment requires companies to be proactive and mitigate both systemic and operational risks. The importance of having sound and experienced risk management counsel cannot be stressed enough.

At Jacko Law Group (JLG) we provide risk management counsel for businesses, companies and corporations throughout California and nationwide. We help firms mitigate risks, evaluate the effectiveness of their compliance programs and help identify enterprise risks through conducting a risk assessment or mock regulatory examinations.

JLG Provides Highly Customized Risk Management Services

Our law firm provides personalized comprehensive business counsel. Based on your firm's business model, we will develop an approach for gauging risk management and assess the adequacy of your current internal controls. Let our team of professionals help you prevent fraud, mitigate risks and enhance current internal controls to help protect the firm and your customers.

The Compliance Process

Enterprise and risk management is designed to identify systemic risks (such as abusive trading practices) and to prevent or mitigate risks from occurring. This is effectively done through an ongoing process. Risk management counsel is not a one-time event. JLG can help you to continually examine internal and external factors, taking into consideration the potential impact on your business, the likelihood or chances of increased risks, identification of existing and potential conflicts of interests and many other methods. We also focus on educating and training our clients as well as their employees and supervisors so they can identify risk in order to prevent further impact on investors.

No matter if you are a manager to a hedge fund, private equity firm, investment adviser, broker-dealer or newly formed company, JLG can help evaluate your internal controls in accordance with regulatory requirements governing your business model. For more information or to receive a quote for a risk assessment, please contact us to speak directly with one of our experienced lawyers. Call our law office directly at 213-631-2549 or contact us online.