About Jacko Law Group

Jacko Law Group, is a dedicated team of professionals with broad and extensive background in the securities, corporate and financial industries.

Securities Law And Corporate Counsel, Representing Clients In California And Nationwide

As a firm, we leverage the collective knowledge and abilities of our attorneys and professional staff to fully achieve each client's particular goals and to deliver services with efficiency.

Who Are Our Clients?

Our firm represents a wide range of clients from two-person offices to the largest renowned financial institutions in the United States. These include broker-dealers, investment advisers, compliance officers, boards of directors, corporations, CEOs, banks, hedge funds, private equity firms and a variety of other financial industry and securities law professionals throughout the United States and internationally.

Why Choose JLG?

Jacko Law Group, is uniquely positioned to provide clients with the highest level of qualitative services. Consider the following:

  • Meaningful attention and service: From the moment we begin our relationship, JLG takes time to best understand the challenges and goals in each project relationship. With these objectives in mind, we then tailor our advice and legal services to deliver effective, customized results.
  • Accessibility: JLG believes that every client deserves our full attention. From the inception of a project, each client is assigned to a team that continuously communicates to set expectations and ensure that when you do have a question or concern we'll be able to provide a prompt response.
  • Individually tailored legal advice and documents: Since every client is unique, boilerplate advice and documents are not ideal. That is why JLG provides customized legal documents and guidance to meet the distinctive needs of each individual client.
  • Full service from formation to dissolution, sale or succession: No matter what stage of career or corporate development you are at JLG can assist with your securities and corporate counsel needs. Our services include everything from corporate registration and regulatory risk management counsel to legal disclosure documents and responses to regulatory inquiries.

For more information about Jacko Law Group, or to speak with a securities attorney — contact our San Diego law office directly at 619-298-2880 or contact us online.